Britains Got Talent 2009 英版超級星光大道這裡 分享 四個 超級星光大道 英國版 , 個人覺得確是經典之作 笑得眼淚掉下來; 觀賞方式可直接按圖中 Play, 或是點選圖上方連結 URL. Michael Jackson - Britain's Got Talent 2009 Greek Irish Dancers - 節能燈具 Susan Boyle - Singer -- Flawless -- Taylor Ware 的 Yodeling Performance America's got talent裡一個有趣的表演(約德爾調) 簡直就是酒店打工surprised....... , 尤其只是11 years old 英國星光大道 Susan Boyle 感人演唱 驚艷全場 ;觀眾也太可愛了!從開唱一直鼓掌到Susan Boyle 唱完!該YouTube分享已依要求停用嵌入,請格友點選以下的超連結,前去YouTube觀賞。英國星光大道 Susan Boyle 感人演唱 驚艷全場I Dreamed A Dream(中濾桶文翻譯: Dolphin Moon)There was a time, when men were kindAnd their voices were softAnd their words were invitingThere was a time, when love was blindAnd the world was a songAnd the song was excitingThere was a time it all went wrong曾經,男人都很親切,聲音溫柔、話語誘人。借錢曾經,愛情是盲目的,世界也像首歌,一首令人興奮的歌。就在某一個時間點,忽然這一切都變糟了...I dreamed a dream in time gone byWhen hope was high and life worth livingI dreamed that love would never dieI dreamed that God would be forgiving我夢到一個舊夢,在夢裡,有極高的盼望、租辦公室活得有價值。我夢想愛情永不凋零,我夢想上帝是寬恕的,Then I was young and unafraidAnd dreams were made and used and wastedThere was no ransom to be paidNo song unsung, no wine untasted當時,我年輕,也不懼怕。隨意編夢、隨意而行、隨意糟蹋,無須付任何代價,無歌不唱,無酒不嚐。酒店經紀But the tigers come at nightWith their voices soft as thunderAs they turn your hope apartAs they turn your dreams to shame可是餓虎卻隨著黑夜出沒,帶著如雷聲般的低吼,他們撕裂了妳的希望,他們將妳的美夢變成羞辱。He slept a summer by my sideHe filled my dreams with endless 西裝wonderHe took my childhood in his strideBut he was gone when autumn came整個夏天,他睡在我身旁,用驚喜充滿了我的夢。他隨意地奪去了我的清純,隨著秋天的來臨,他離去。And still I dream he'd come to meThat we would live the years togetherBut there are dreams that cannot 宜蘭民宿beAnd there are storms we cannot weather我依然夢想他會回到我身旁,跟我共渡歲月。但,有些夢就是不會成真,就如同有些暴風雨是無法捱過一樣。I had a dream my life would beSo different from the hell I'm livingSo different now from what it seemedNow life has killed the dream 酒店兼職I dreamed我曾經夢想著我的人生該如何,跟我現在所活的煉獄大不相同,現實跟期望,完全不一樣啊!如今,生活早已抹殺了我所夢過的舊夢... Susan Boyle - Singer -- 

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